Daily Beard Care Routine

You have grown out your beard but what now? There are 3 main steps to a daily beard care routine and grooming your beard. Applying beard Oils, brushing your beard and training your beard into the desired style you want.

Apply Beard Oils

Apply Beard oils when you Wake up or after a shower. You do not need to wash your beard every day but possibly 2-3 times a week is best. Try to you beard wash and softener instead of regular shampoo which can make your bear appear brittle.

Combing your beard

Brush your bed head beard first thing in the morning. If done properly there will be no need to brush it more than once a day. Brushing your beard will help soften your facial hair and it helps distribute your skins natural oils.

Train your beard

There is no need for your beard to go wild. Ensure you have the correct tools to trim your beard such as bear scissors and style it with a styling balm. You will need to use a hairdryer to complete the styling process. You can use a round brush to shape it into the place you want it. You may need to apply some moustache wax to hold your stash in place.

Getting into a daily routine of caring for your beard need not be time-consuming once you get into the rhythm of it. A little bit of care every day will help you to not only look good but also maintain a healthy beard.